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Easter Eats

April Showers bring May flowers, but April also brings the long tradition of enjoying Lamb. For centuries, lamb has been an Easter staple, a symbolic food for many. Yet lamb is often overshadowed by its cousin, the ham. There are some who simply enjoy the taste or ease of preparing a ham, whether it be glazed, cured, or even spiced and roasted, while there are those who are just unfamiliar with or unsure about how to cook lamb. Lamb can be seasoned and prepared in countless ways, and when done right can be some of the tastiest, most tender meat...

Major in Meat: Part Two

In Part I, we covered aspects of picking the best steaks; the cuts that are the most tender, the most flavorful, even the cuts best for sharing. I also covered the differences in USDA grading (which grades to stay away from, and which grades are top of the class), as well as the different aging methods and the results of those methods. Now that the foundation for picking a steak has been laid, it is time to cook. There are so many cooking methods, some easier, some more intensive. For now, sticking to the basics is best. To cook a...

Catering to Taste

You’ve probably been to a party with a fancy spread of appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, and various spreads. You scan the wide selection, you pick and peck while standing next to the host, then when you are alone with the food, you check your peripherals to make sure no one is looking and you gorge yourself on the crab puffs, dips, and cheeses. Now it’s your turn to host, and you want to impress, without breaking the bank. Two hundred lobster tail starters are a little out of the budget, but potato chips and sour cream and onion dip isn’t fancy...

Reasoning for Uncommon Seasoning

Cooking with seasonings is not only commonplace but in some cases necessary for a truly flavorful, delicious meal. Black pepper, kosher salt, oregano, basil, garlic and onion powders, you’ve undoubtedly heard of and/or cooked with these. They are safe, flavorful, and versatile in almost all dishes. There are hundreds upon hundreds of uncommon or lesser-known seasonings; such are grains of paradise, sumac, nigella seeds, and cardamom. They are typically used in very specific dishes going for very specific tastes. However, there are tons of common spices and seasonings that tend to be uncommonly used. This is going to cover just...

Dreaming of Dry Age

You bring home a steak, cook it perfectly, enjoy every bite, and go to bed hours later, only to wake up not thinking of anything but the day ahead of you. That is fine for a day-to-day lifestyle, but occasionally, you need to escape. You need to wake up in the morning after dreaming about the meal from the night before. One way to ensure that happens…. Dry. Aged. Beef. If I could legally wed a food, it would be a proper grilled cheese (Which I will be covering in a subsequent article), wild boar loin or bacon, or a...