Dad's Favorite Child

Sep 24 , 2019


Doc Hopkins

Dad's Favorite Child

A too heavy pen from the gadget store, a tie that doesn’t match anything in his closet, or anything at all for that matter. This Father’s Day, break the mold. “Steak” your claim as the favorite child, and get him something that will warm his heart and his belly.

Unlike brunch for mom, (which is possibly my favorite meal of all time), Father’s Day and steaks go together like salt and pepper. You can cook for him, or get him everything he wants and needs to grill up a great meal. If he’s anything like me; A beautiful night, a cold IPA, a high-quality Porterhouse, and the right grillin’ accessories, is the quintessential night. You can go out and shop for a steak, or better yet let him pick it himself.

There are tons of “Steak of the Month” clubs out there. Sure, they’re convenient and easy, but, they are also way overpriced, frozen, and the quality is far below what dad deserves. Go local. Go personal. Go to the butcher. For instance, The Meat House Market, offers the Butcher’s Club, a 6 month membership, that offers the choice of 12 options so dad can get exactly what he’s in the mood for, on top of seeing and picking out the specific steak himself.

Whether dad likes ribeyes, burgers, filets, or pork, The Butcher’s Club at The Meat House Market gives flexibility, as well the added feature of personalizing his choices. It’s a great alternative to trying to find the right cut yourself.

Maybe the Butcher’s Club would be a repeat gift from Christmas. In that case you need to scramble to find another choice. He has enough desk decorations, he doesn’t need another screwdriver set, and your mother would not be amused with yet another Billy Bass, she just got rid of the fifth one last year, she doesn’t want to see another.

Accessorize dad, and get him things that are fashionable, and/or functional. Gadgets are great, especially if you can use them for daily life.

Leather. Gloves, aprons, vests (not recommended for grilling as it doesn’t actually offer anything to the experience). A heavy-duty leather apron and glove set are durable and can withstand a great deal of abuse over the years, plus the masculine material lets dad stay clean while feeling macho.

Perhaps an apron isn’t what dad would be into, or maybe he has one already. Grilling tools can be great. Stay away from the single use items. How many times are you honestly going to eat stuffed button mushrooms on the grill, that you need a specific wire holder? I’ll tell you. You’ll use it once or twice. It will sit there, rust and bend and break, and you’ll throw it out.

If you want to get specific use tools, go for items that make sense. A burger press or stuffed burger mold are items that won’t get old. A grill basket can be useful for holding vegetables and smaller foods to make grilling and roasting easier.

Invest your money wisely. Smoking accessories are great because dad can smoke anything and everything time and time again. Maybe he likes the flames to lick his steaks instead, He’ll need to clean up the grates, so a wire brush / scraper for the grill is a smart call (odds are he has one, but hasn’t replaced it in a long time.) Skewers, disposable or reusable can be a great side gift as well.

Or go for lesser known but useful tools such as a grill grate oiler, which helps keep the grates clean and the food from sticking. If he wants to spice up his cooking a bit, a Himalayan salt plate is a fantastic option. A salt plate can infuse a little flavor to steaks or fish, adds a great bit of presentation to a meal, and last a long time if kept up.

Dad likes his toys, so get him things he can play with for a long time. If you need some direction or suggestions, stop by The Meat House Market. The staff of experienced butchers can help you find exactly what dad needs, and things he wants.

Eating is a necessary part of life. We might as well enjoy every bite.

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