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Holiday - Main Proteins


Bone-in "Prime Rib" Roast...

In stock | 2-Bone Roast (4-6 lbs; $14.99/lb)
Dry Aged Bone-in Rib Roast Deposit  (Pre-Order)

Dry Aged Bone-in Rib...

In stock | 2-Bone Roast (4-6 lbs; $25.99/lb)
USDA Prime Bone-in

USDA Prime Bone-in "Prime...

In stock | 2-Bone Roast (4-6 lbs; $26.99/lb)
Brisket Deposit (Pre-Order)

Brisket Deposit (Pre-Order)

In stock | 4-5 Pound Flat End ($6.99/lb)

Boneless "Prime Rib" Roast...

In stock | 3-5 Pounds ($16.99/lb)
USDA Prime Boneless

USDA Prime Boneless "Prime...

In stock | 3-5 Pounds ($28.99/lb)
Tenderloin Roast Deposit  (Pre-Order)

Tenderloin Roast Deposit (Pre-Order)...

In stock | 3 Pounds ($27.99/lb)

"Chateaubriand" Tenderloin Roast Deposit...

In stock | 2 Pounds ($30.99/lb)
Grass Fed Tenderloin Roast Deposit  (Pre-Order)

Grass Fed Tenderloin Roast...

In stock | 3 Pounds ($29.99/lb)
Grass Fed

Grass Fed "Chateaubriand" Tenderloin...

In stock | 2 Pounds ($32.99/lb)
Rack of Lamb Deposit  (Pre-Order)

Rack of Lamb Deposit...

In stock | 1 Rack (1-1.25 lbs; $21.99/lb)
Boneless Leg of Lamb Deposit  (Pre-Order)

Boneless Leg of Lamb...

In stock | 3 Pounds ($9.99/lb)
Bone-In Leg of Lamb Deposit  (Pre-Order)

Bone-In Leg of Lamb...

In stock | Whole Leg (10-12 lbs; $7.99/lb)
Pork Crown Roast

Pork Crown Roast

In stock | Deposit for 10 Bone Roast
Boneless Ham Deposit  (Pre-Order)

Boneless Ham Deposit (Pre-Order)...

In stock | 5-6 Pounds ($4.99/lb)
Spiral Ham Deposit  (Pre-Order)

Spiral Ham Deposit (Pre-Order)...

In stock | 8 Pounds ($5.49/lb)
All Natural Fresh Turkey Deposit (Pre-Order)

All Natural Fresh Turkey...

In stock | 12-14 Pounds ($2.99/lb)
Organic Fresh Turkey Deposit  (Pre-Order)

Organic Fresh Turkey Deposit...

In stock | 14-16 Pounds ($5.99/lb)
Boneless Turkey Breast Deposit  (Pre-Order)

Boneless Turkey Breast Deposit...

In stock | 3-4 Pounds ($5.99/lb)
Turkey Wings Deposit (Pre-Order)

Turkey Wings Deposit (Pre-Order)...

In stock | 1 Pack (2 lbs; $3.99/lb)
Turkey Drumsticks Deposit (Pre-Order)

Turkey Drumsticks Deposit (Pre-Order)...

In stock | 1 Pack (3-4 lbs; $3.99/lb)