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Spiral Ham Deposit (Pre-Order)

Holiday | In stock

Leidy's fully cooked spiral carved hams will truly make your meal memorable. These natural juice, bone in hams are carved to perfection and have a delicious mouthwatering flavor. Each ham is between 8 - 12 pound and includes a honey glaze packet as the perfect accompaniment.

Gluten Free, no MSG.

For all the flavor and none of the fuss, select a Glaze or Rub option below.  We'll lovingly prepare your ham with your choice of a savory Rosemary Garlic & Olive Oil Rub, a sweet southern Orange Bourbon glaze, OR the sweet and tangy Balsamic Cherry glaze.


Make it a Feast!

We'll handle the sides, you make the conversation.  Select from one of our pre-set feast options and enjoy the extra time with family and friends, stress-free!  Each feast option serves up to 10 people, and includes one small catering tray of your selected starch and one small catering tray of your selected vegetable, plus a dozen snowflake dinner rolls. 


Cooking Instructions


Spiral Carved Ham:  $5.49 per pound
Total amount will be calculated after we prepare your ham for pickup.  The butcher will make every effort to accommodate your request. 


This item represents a deposit for your Ham order.  This deposit will be deducted from your total when you pick up your order.

Spiral Ham Serving Suggestions

x $25.00 = $25.00

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